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strategy begin Wizard of Odds gives us the odds, house edge and more for the casino video game Multi-Strike Video Poker.


Jacks or Better

Simple Strategy (99.46%)

Intermediate Strategy (99.52%)

Optimal Strategy (99.54%)

Deuces Wild

NSUD Intermediate Strategy

Full-Pay Simple Strategy (100.71%)

Full-Pay Optimal Strategy (100.76%)

8/5 Bonus Poker

10/7 Double Bonus

9/6 Double Double Bonus

8/5 Super Aces

Quick Quads

9/6 Jacks or Better

8/5 Bonus Poker

9/7/5 Double Bonus

9/6 Double Double Bonus

8/5 Triple Bonus

Ultimate X

Jacks or Better

Bonus Poker

Bonus Poker Deluxe

Double Bonus

Double Double Bonus

Joker Poker

The Wizard of Vegas

The Wizard of Macau

Las Apuestas


Game Odds & Strategies

Multistrike Video Poker

This appendix shows the basic strategy for the Full Pay Jacks or Better version of Multistrike Poker. A Full Pay Jacks or Better game is characterized by paying 6 for a flush and 9 for a full house. With optimal strategy the Multistrike version of Full Pay Jacks or Better has a return of 99.79%, according to Bob Dancer . The free ride probabilities are 7.7% on level 1, 7.0% on level 2, and 6.4% on level 3. This strategy was created using Video Poker Strategy Master , by Tom Ski. The return of this strategy should be very close to optimal, probably within about 0.02%.
The level 4 hand, and any hand after a free ride card, should be played the same as conventional Full Pay Jacks or Better. There are many sources for this strategy including my own simple strategy , intermediate strategy , and optimal strategy .
This appendix shall show the level 1 to 3 strategies when the player did not get a free ride card. The level 1 strategy is for the first hand, level 2 for the second hand, and level 3 for the third hand. The pay tables reflect the approximate expected value of each hand, including the value of all higher levels.

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