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Jacks or Better

Simple Strategy (99.46%)

Intermediate Strategy (99.52%)

Optimal Strategy (99.54%)

Deuces Wild

NSUD Intermediate Strategy

Full-Pay Simple Strategy (100.71%)

Full-Pay Optimal Strategy (100.76%)

8/5 Bonus Poker

10/7 Double Bonus

9/6 Double Double Bonus

8/5 Super Aces

Quick Quads

9/6 Jacks or Better

8/5 Bonus Poker

9/7/5 Double Bonus

9/6 Double Double Bonus

8/5 Triple Bonus

Ultimate X

Jacks or Better

Bonus Poker

Bonus Poker Deluxe

Double Bonus

Double Double Bonus

Joker Poker

The Wizard of Vegas

The Wizard of Macau

Las Apuestas



9/6 Double Double Bonus for Quick Quads

The strategy below is more than 99.9980% accurate; meaning the cost due to errors is 0.0020%. To use the strategy, look up all viable ways to play the hand, and go with the one listed first. If a play is not listed, that means there is always a better alternative, and it should never be played. For example, if the player has 2 J Q Q A there are three viable plays: the pair of queens, three to a royal, or four to a flush. Playing a four to a flush depends on the number of high cards. A four to a flush with three high cards is not listed (because three to a royal is always better), and thus should never be played. Between three to a royal and pair of queens, the three to a royal is listed first, and thus is the better play.
All credit for this strategy belongs to ‘JB,’ who I thank for his outstanding work.

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Full-Pay Jacks or Better:

Simple Strategy (return of 99.46%)
Intermediate Strategy (return of 99.52%)
Optimal Strategy (return of 99.54%)

Full-Pay Deuces Wild:

Simple Strategy (return of 100.71%)
Optimal Strategy (return of 100.76%)
3 to a wild royal (ace-high) vs. Deuce only
2 to a royal (king-high) with a straight penalty
2 to a royal (king-high) with no penalty

Quick Quads:

9/6 Jacks or Better
8/5 Bonus Poker
9/7 Double Bonus
9/6 Double Double Bonus
8/5 Triple Bonus

Other Strategies:

‘Not So Ugly Ducks’
8/5 Bonus Poker
10/7 Double Bonus
10/6 Double Double Bonus

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